ARTtitude 1 (US)


Representing countries as far-reaching and distinct as Italy, the Netherlands, Japan, Austria, Guatemala, and the United States (to name a few), the 34 international artists featured in this collection reveal the richness and diversity of contemporary graphic arts. In addition to more classical artistic mediums like painting, photography, illustration, graphic design, animation and sculpture, these artists have evolved to leave their mark on the world in bold, non-traditional, exciting ways: wood printing, visual branding, street art, music production, customised accessories, surf and skatewear design, tattoos, and more. The artists featured pay tribute to the muses of their creativity, with appreciative nods to their predecessors and track lists of the music that inspires their work. ARTtitude highlights some of the most iconic and unusual artists of the moment: Adam Rabalais, Olivier Coipel, Josh Brown, Supakitch, Tim Clark, Arnaud Pagès, blarf, Chris Coppola, Diego Gravinese, and many more.

Adam Rabalais, Alessandro Pautasso, Anthony Simon, Arnaud Pagès, Atelier Olschinsky, Maviou Degoub, Barbara Canepa, Alessandro Barbucci, C215, Chris Coppola, Cless, Diego Gravinese, Dirk Dzimirsky, Johann Bonelli, Jonathan Garnier, Josh Brown, Juan Francisco Casas, Koralie, Kups, Liam Brazier, Manuel Regalado, Mashville, MNK Crew, Nancy Fouts, Noé Two, Olivier Coipel, Patrik Washburn, Rocky Zéro, Slinkachu, Supakitch, Tim Clark, Yo az.

Auteur : Frederic CLAQUIN
192 pages, hardcover
Publisher : Schiffer Publishing
ISBN : 978-0-7643-4628-6
Release Date : April 28th 2014
Price : 39,99$



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