ARTtitude 2 (US)


Drawing is not a crime!™ The bold and brash ARTtitude is back with another look at some of the most iconic and unusual artists of the moment. Representing countries as far-reaching and distinct as Colombia, Germany, Canada, Italy, France, and the U.S. (to name a few), the 36 international artists featured in this collection reveal the richness and diversity of contemporary graphic arts. The artists again pay tribute to the muses of their creativity, with appreciative nods to their predecessors and track lists of the music that inspires their work. ARTtitude 2 highlights some of the unique and diverse artists working today: Amanda Mocci, Jim Phillips, Conrad Roset, Cricket Press, Robert Proch, Ron Guyatt, T-Bone & Ajax, The Arcade Company, and many more.

Aloha / Ronay, Amanda Mocci, Bad Ced, Bruno Leyval, Cedrix crespel, Conrad Roset, Cricket Press, Der, Derek Riggs, Diego Koi, FenX, Gerald Pare l, Jim Phillips, Johan Barrios, Johanne 8, Matt Heath, Mike Giant, Nate Van Dyke, Nivanh Chanthara, OdÖ, Pedro Lourenço, Robert Proch, Ron Guyatt, Sabotage, Sadhu le serbe, Sly2, Stainboy, T-Bone & Aljax, Tanner Goldbeck, The Arcade Aompany, Tilt, Zombie Yeti studio

Author : Frederic CLAQUIN
192 pages, hardcover
Publisher : Schiffer Publishing
ISBN : 978-2-7335-0390-4
Release Date : October 9th 2013
Price : 39,99$




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